About Us

Baker Industries prides itself in being one of the leading outsourcing and fulfillment companies in the Delaware Valley. Our Bakerites (program participants) are extremely eager, work-ready, well-supervised and well-practiced workers. Baker is capable of responding to your needs with a meticulous and intelligent solution. Moreover, for companies that need help for special on-site projects, we provide temporary workers whose experiences, skills and commitment to the task are guaranteed to satisfy your demands. We excel in performing the work you need the way you need it completed.

With Proven Success

Since our establishment, we have won awards too numerous to list that recognize the efficiency, consistency and the drive that has epitomized our performance for more than thirty years. We utilize “a fire hose of labor” for banks, manufacturers, insurance companies, printers, contractors–any business that must outsource fulfillment or production tasks.

With a Taste for Achievement

Baker works to complete your project quickly, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost, which explains why more than 300 regional companies have turned to Baker to solve their outsourcing, fulfillment and temporary staffing needs. We are manual labor and temporary labor specialists.

With a Driven Work Force

Baker Industries is also a unique 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes a work rehabilitation program employing an overlooked and underutilized workforce population. We focus specifically on four groups of vulnerable adults: people with disabilities, recovering substance abusers, individuals on parole, and homeless persons, and give them all the opportunity to learn the importance of a solid work ethic in a real work environment. The discipline, skills and experiences they gain from this program brings them one step closer to leading more independent and productive lives. Yet at the end of the day, the greatest force that supports this transition is the work that is contracted by companies from all over the United States.

And a Reason to Boast

We are very proud that around 62 employees each year have joined the “regular” work force. This transition is the culmination of the hard work, commitment and perseverance that these individuals have invested in their lives, giving them the chance to escape from the cycles of poverty, violence, crime and dependence that had previously trapped them. Nonetheless, although graduation from Baker marks the beginning of a new life for our employees, it merely marks a continuation of their active participation in society, with Bakerites contributing over $300,000 each year in taxes.