Our History

In 1980, with two workers, Charlie and Weezie Baker opened a small direct mail and outsourcing business in their garage to begin to fill the void for high-functioning adults with disabilities in the workforce.

Over the years, Baker grew and in 1988, established a second work site in Philadelphia serving returning citizens, those with substance use disorder, and homeless adults, all of whom face extreme barriers to employment.

Today, Baker Industries has facilities in both Malvern and Philadelphia, where 200 people each year are working to rebuild their lives.

Our Mission

  • To provide work for those with the most difficulty holding jobs
  • To teach the work ethic through real work experience
  • To act as a transition step toward gaining and maintaining permanent employment
  • To help our workers reach their highest level of achievement

Program participants come from four specific groups of vulnerable adults:

  1. Those with diagnosed physical and/or intellectual disabilities
  2. Those with substance use disorder
  3. Individuals on parole or probation
  4. Homeless

Interested in joining our program? Stop by Monday through Friday with two current forms of identification.

Real Work for Real Wages

Our approach is unlike most programs and is based on paying every participant the legal minimum wage, or more.

Our program is designed to respond to our workers’ special needs while encouraging them to work hard and move on to better things. At Baker Industries, we foster in our employees the feelings of pride and accomplishment that can only come from being included in, rather than excluded from, the regular workforce.

We believe that there is no better way of accomplishing this goal than by mimicking real-world situations, allowing participants to gain the knowledge and skills they will need to lead independent and productive lives.