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Our Approach

Real work for real wages in a caring atmosphere gives these vulnerable populations self-worth and independence.

With locations in Malvern and Philadelphia, our program participants build their self-esteem and work skills until they are ready to move into the regular workforce, if they are able. The benefits of this transformation to both the individual and the community are beyond measure.

Transforming Communities, One Job At A Time

Employment is essential to breaking free of the cycles of poverty, violence, crime, and dependence, a transformation that brings enormous benefits to both the individual and the community.

100% of workers are taught and are expected to demonstrate basic work ethic skills, contribute toward meeting our production goals, are paid the minimum wage, or more, receive occupational therapy services while on the job.

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Our Impact

At Baker, we…

Acknowledge the value of every person, provide work in a caring environment, bring structure to the lives of our workers, encourage good choices and habits, and give opportunity to adults who would fail without our help.

Program participants perform a variety of tasks in their day-to-day work at Baker Industries. All are paid the legal minimum wage, or more. From bulk mailings to packaging to assembling rototillers, participants develop good work habits such as punctuality and reliability.