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10,000 and Counting

In 1980, the Bakers came up with an idea that has impacted the lives of an estimated 10,000 adults in our community: they started a nonprofit work program that hires exclusively hard-to-employ adults.

What A Job Provides

For those with a disability, a job provides:

  • Income
  • Friends
  • Purpose
  • Acceptance

For those with substance use disorder, a job provides:

  • Legitimate and stable income
  • Routine and responsibility
  • Structure and support
  • Social integration

For returning citizens, a stable job teaches:

  • Structure and humility
  • Work ethic
  • Responsibility
  • Positive environment

For homeless individuals a job at Baker offers:

  • Shelter placement assistance
  • Change of clothes and a meal
  • Opportunity to start over
  • Financial support

Photo of our Alumni Roundtable:

Former Baker program participants sharing their stories of how they turned their lives around as a result of Baker Industries.

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