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Lack of work opportunities for vulnerable adults

Finding work is extremely difficult for adults with mental and physical disabilities, substance abuse issues, a criminal record, and the homeless.

A recent government study indicates that the overall unemployment rate for people with mental and physical disabilities is 82%. National Institute of Justice survey results suggest that 60 – 75% of ex-offenders are jobless up to a year after release. More than 40 million people in the United States suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. Only about 10 percent of those people receive treatment.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an employed ex-offender is three times less likely to return to prison than an unemployed ex-offender.

The Problem

We recognize that lack of work often leads to risky and unhealthy behaviors that negatively affect the health of the individual and their community.

By addressing the issue of employment for vulnerable adults, Baker seeks to implement long-lasting change in the lives of those who face extreme barriers to finding and keeping a job. For these individuals who have very few job options and often face other challenges as well, work offers financial stability, structure, routine, and opportunities for positive social interaction. Employment is essential to breaking free of the cycles of poverty, violence, crime, and dependence, a transformation that brings enormous benefits to both the individual and the community.

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