Get Involved

Volunteering at Baker Industries

Volunteering at Baker Industries is a very fulfilling way to give of your time. Our volunteers are very special and help us in many ways. They:

  • Help to build social skills through conversations with our employees. Your presence helps to stimulate our workers and adds another dimension to their day. For many of them, we are their social world as well as the work world.
  • Help to build the self esteem of our employees by being a mentor.
  • Help to defray the cost of our production, which enables us to be cost-effective for our customers.
  • Help to organize and run our various annual fundraising events, such as our Spring Gala, Golf Invitational, Fall Thank You Party and others.

If you can spare a few hours once a week, once a month or on an occasional basis, please consider becoming a Baker Volunteer.  For more information call or email Beth Tiewater at 610-296-9795.