A nonprofit work rehabilitation program for vulnerable adults.
When it can’t be mechanized, use Baker hands to customize.


35 Years of Contract Manufacturing excellence


35 Years of providing work for hard to employ adults in our community

Real Work for Real Wages.

Welcome to Baker Industries

12 Reasons to Support Baker Industries in 2015

Reason 1

Because we save lives

Reason 2

Because we are dedicated to providing opportunities for those living with autism spectrum disorder

Reason 3

Because your donation really does make a difference

Reason 4

Because everyone deserves the opportunity to live a meaningful life

Reason 5

Because sometimes even heroes need help

Reason 6

Because no other nonprofit organization does what we do

Reason 7

Because we’re all in this together

Reason 8

Because at Baker, it’s a new life…

Reason 9

Because for those with disabilities or a criminal record, finding a job is nearly impossible

Reason 10

Because with your help, we are more than just a workplace

This is a year-long series called
“12 Reasons to Support Baker Industries in 2015″